TEN Fine Dining


Executive and Private Party Chef catering to some of the most unique dishes

Exclusive professional catering services unlike anything you have ever experienced custom tailored to your individual tastes.

TEN COURSE FINE DINING … a new concept in Fine Dining.

A true tenfold adventure.

It’s about people dazzling their taste buds with 10 sumptuous food courses.

A devine experience to be enjoyed in your home or any unique setting of your choosing, near or far.

Flavors, food and ingredients from around the world dance across your senses, making your dining experience truly something to remember.

Enjoy, mingle and celebrate with your friends and family.
Everything is taken care of.

Our talented team will graciously move through the ten courses in a well choreographed kitchen production, designing , preparing and serving up an evening of pure splendor and delight.

Take all of the stress out of hosting your next dinner party…. A perfect alternative to dining out.

Dine in, with TEN fine dining!


Executive and Private Party Chef Vip

Vip catering to some of the most unique dishes with a smile!